Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Track Gear

Some of you, my large-hearted friends, upon seeing the pictures of his first track meet, left comments expressing concern about the state of The Boy Scout's wardrobe. Generous Grandmother also noticed that our boy was the only one there running in jeans and felt supremely sorry to see him dressed entirely in cotton, standing in the rain.

*sigh* It's not easy being new. (Us, I mean, not him.)

Immediately following last Saturday's meet, Generous Grandmother took The Boy Scout shopping. They came home with very nice track pants. The Boy Scout already had a water proof windbreaker. This week, we were prepared to look much more comfortable at the cold, rainy track meet.

Sadly, The Boy Scout reported being no less cold and uncomfortable. Standing around in the rain on a 40 degree day is just plain icky.

(Doesn't he look handsome and grown up in this picture. He is, in fact, both. *sigh*)

In addition to looking better this week. The Boy Scout ran valiantly! Again, he endured the long jump, for lack of a better option, and handled the shot put. He also ran the 400 again, and looked very strong. Then, he braved the beast... He ran the 800! I was so proud and impressed. For those of you unfamiliar with track, that's half a mile. He ran the whole way and looked brave and strong right to the finish line. He said he was really tired after the first lap, so the second lap was run by sheer force of will.

I have no idea what his time was, but his heart and character came in first place with me!

Way to go, Scout!

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