Thursday, April 24, 2008

Easily Amused 2 - Updated

This is the kind of important work I do on days like this.

Wanna race?

65 words



My Sweet Friend, Dancing, smoked us all!

219 words

Speed test

I had no idea that kind of speed was even possible! You are amazing!!

Guess I'll stick to the Bubble Wrap Game...

Hat Tip to Watch the Sky


  1. Hey that was fun. I got 21 on the first try but on my 3rd time I got 49. Not good, but you wouldn't believe what this ole gal had to learn on when she was in school.
    Thanks, I enjoyed that
    Auntie M

  2. not as fast as you. ugh!!! no i'm not going to share. I'll tell you later:-)

  3. Okay, on my first(only) try I got 63 words/minute. Not wanting to jinx myself, I think I'll stick with that!! Fun activity - might have the Munchkins check it out!

  4. We'll both have Superidentities. BubbleWrapper Wonder and SuperTyper! Together, we can rescue the world from productivity! All we need now is the theme song. I'll sing harmony, okay?

  5. Keeping the world safe from excessive productivity seems to be the work of my legion of helpers ~ the Super Ducklings!

    Perhaps, if we join forces with them...