Friday, April 25, 2008

Lazy Days

Sorry I've been a lazy blogger the last few days.
I'm battling this obnoxious cold that just keeps hanging on.
It makes me feel like curling up and taking a nap...
all. day. long.

Which, of course, is not an option.
So, I shift into low gear.
And feel rather uninspired.

Tonight is the first Boy Scout Overnighter
at the Scout Cabin.

Tomorrow is the first baseball game of the season.

And The Scoutmaster is helping with a community track meet.

And The Boy Scout has an end-of-year Awana party.

It promises to be a fun day.

And blog-worthy!

For now,

A GSP (Gratuitous Sprout Photo)

That's all I've got.

Oh! Did anybody see Survivor last night?
Will these people ever learn?


  1. Of course we saw Survivor last night ~ It's my "Date Night" with The Engineer!! We have so much fun mocking the stupid people (yes, Jason), cheering on shrewd stragies, and predicting the next move . . . all in the comfort of our own home!! Our MUNCHKINS head to bed early on Survivor nights for reading until I run downstairs - during a commercial - to say "Love You! Lights off! Muffins (or whatever's planned) for breakfast! Goodnight!

  2. Okay . . . I meant "strategies!"

  3. I do admire the strategy being played out, but Natalie was really creeping me out last night! She doesn't have to ENJOY lying and betraying quite so much. =P

    I forgot that you are a major Survivor fan. You could have been on Fans vs.Favorites! Maybe next time.

  4. I agree - Natalie was totally CREEPY!! Hope you made it through all those fun things your family had planned these last couple of days.