Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Busy Day

It seems like life ramps up at times.

The days get fuller, busier, more hectic, something...

Today was unusually full. A good day, as it turned out, but full.

The Scoutmaster is gearing up to help lead a training weekend for Scout Leaders. He had a few things for me to do for him today.

  • Find his campaign hat
  • Pack his back pack for the weekend
  • Decorate his "hero" sign
  • Make police badges for a skit
  • Tie Turks Head Knot Woggles
  • Find the backpacking stove

Just small things, fun things, easy things.
I'm happy to help!

The trick is that I also have six hungry people here with me all day, making messes, needing direction, requiring the shaping of their character, needing to be educated, and loved, and protected, and trained, and bathed, and dressed, and changed, and redirected, and encouraged, and watched, and listened to. Rewind, repeat, rewind, repeat,
rewind, repeat.

You know, the usual.

Then, we had baseball practice and had to go directly from there to Awana. Groceries were desperately needed and there was a one-day sale too good to miss, so we ran to the store while D practiced baseball. Then drove through McDonald's
on the way to Awana.

And now,

We're home.

And the house is almost quiet.

A Wee Sprout needs to be snuggled and a mama needs to decompress.

God is kind and all is well.

Sunshine just came from her room to tell me that she is going to Shark Island. I have no idea what that means, but I sent her back to bed with a kiss and a smile. Surely, Shark Island can wait until tomorrow,
along with the laundry and the dishes and the sticky kitchen floor.

Edited to add: Okay, maybe not the laundry. I just started a load and I have to put the clean sheets back on my bed. But the sticky floor can SURELY wait!


  1. YOU, sweet willing woman/wife & mom, deserve a medal of your own!!

  2. Thank you! I'll settle for a few hours of QUIET and a small bowl of chocolate ice cream.

    I saw your mom tonight, by the way, and she said she plans to continue on with Cubbies next year, which means I will get to work more closely with her, as I will be the Cubbies Director. I'm so thankful that she's helping. She does a great job and is so sweet with the kids!

  3. I know where small bowls of ice cream come from, but a few hours of quiet? Where do you find that? However it comes to you, you certainly deserve it!

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