Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Cast of Characters ~ D

D(8) has always been a very social go-getter.

From the age of very small, he could hit a ball with a bat, catch and throw with the best of them, run as fast as his older brother.

But there is more to D than meets the eye. He is a tender hearted boy. He is always willing to play with his younger brothers and watches over them. He helps The Scoutmaster and me with cheerful enthusiasm. He pursues relationships with reckless abandon.

He is the life of any party.

This boy has introduced our family to the joy of organized sports.

He has memorized more Scripture than any 8 year old should be expected to.

He loves to draw and write and turns out hilarious books.

New jokes flow forth often, from his never-ending fount of comedy.

He's as smart as a tack and taught himself to read before I had a chance to do it. Math comes easily, too.

He wears his heart on his sleeve.

He is coachable and teachable and lovable.

Life is never dull with D. He makes every day a party here at the House of Coast.

Thank you, Lord, for blessing us with such an amazing young man.


  1. What a guy!! i can say that he has personally added much joy to our family, too!! and he can sure throw a baseball!!!

  2. Thanks, Amy!

    Your D is his favorite person to throw the baseball to! =)

    They make a good team.

  3. There's one little boy walking around 2" taller today because of the wonderful GIFT his mom's given him!!

  4. Hey, Brenda.

    What precious children you have. They must be the absolute delight of your days. :) They are so cute!

  5. Our D's do make a good team, don't they? I think they'll be friends for a long time . . . or so i hope:-)

  6. Tami ~ are you crazy? I didn't let HIM read it! You want him to get a big head? He's hard enough to live with already!

    Just kidding. =)

    Holly ~ Thank you for your sweet encouragement. They are delightful and very much a blessing.

    Amy ~ I hope so, too!