Monday, March 31, 2008

Our First Track Meet Ever

I say OUR first track meet, but rightfully, The Boy Scout did most of the work. It was quite a morning!

We woke up to snow falling and lots of hail piled on the ground and the roofs.
The snow soon turned to rain.

Ah, raining and 35 degrees, perfect weather for a track meet! When we arrived at the field, the sun had broken through the Spring clouds
and it was almost pleasant.

Having arrived early, The Boy Scout jogged around to get warm and stretched out his muscles.

We staked out good seats in the stands, where we could be heard by everyone in attendance, as we commenced our family tradition of cheering loudly for our competitor... and anyone else we know... and anyone who looks like they need cheering. "Go Number Four! You can do it!" "Hang in there 'Miler,' you can make it!" "Way to go, Orange Shirt!"

Just as it was time for The Boy Scout to line up for his first event, the long jump, it started to rain. Ugh. He did a masterful job of looking cold and wet, as we watched from the stands and gave him lots of "thumbs up" and "I love you" signs from the covered stands.

Let's just say, we're moving on from long jump for the next meet. It does not appear to be his forte.

His attitude, however, was stellar! I was so proud that he didn't whine about the weather and he didn't get cranky about not jumping as far as he would have liked. He just moved on to the next thing.
He also threw? did? put? placed? hurled? the shot put. I'm not sure how he did there, since it was far, far from where we were sitting.

In addition to field events, he ran the 200m and 400m races. He did especially well in the 400m.
We're thinking he's built for distance. We're going to work on his stamina some more and shoot for the 400m and 800m next week. Maybe, he can work up to the mile by the end of the season.

Track is fun to watch.

We're looking forward to nicer weather as Spring settles in a bit.

It's such a blessing to see our boy conduct himself so well. He really was a great sport about the whole thing. I think, just maybe, he's growing up. We couldn't be prouder.


  1. We're proud too! Getting out there is the hardest part. Yay, Boy Scout! Dancing's Husband says that he loves running, the discipline and the rewards of it. Yay, family, for getting there, too! Cheering for everybody is great and hilarious. I can picture it perfectly. But where are Boy Scout's track pants? Hard work is nicer when you have good gear.

  2. Yeah, about the track pants... other people wore jeans to practice, so we figured it was no big deal.

    Immediately after the meet, Generous Grandmother took The Boy Scout to buy track pants.

    We'll look good doing it next week!

  3. I love generous grandmas. Ours is wonderful, too. Our "first day back after vacation" yesterday was so stereotypical, it was hilarious! Our Generous Grandma chauffeured us to dance classes and errands because I had locked the keys in the trunk. They had been lost in a confetti-glitter-filled bag from the day before, when my junior high girls threw me a surprise birthday party. Very sweet. Picture me, silly string and confetti glitter covering every square inch of my person. I LOVED it! But I didn't want it in my house. Hence, the keys in the confetti-glitter-filled bag in the trunk of the car. Ha. That was a good one.