Monday, April 21, 2008

Sunshine's First Tooth

On Thursday, Sunshine lost her first tooth.

It was a momentous occasion and followed
the pattern of many lost teeth gone before.

Early in the day, the wee tooth was found to be wiggly.

Throughout the day, the tooth was wiggled
and bothered
and checked
and discussed
and worried over.

Having a strong suspicion,
based on experience,
of what lay ahead,
I sent Sunshine to bed 45 minutes early.

On her way to bed,
whether or not to pull the tooth was considered.

It really wasn't that loose and would take some effort to remove.

Right on schedule, about an hour after going to bed, Sunshine emerged from her room to report that she couldn't go to sleep with a wiggly tooth.

I made a modest attempt to pull the offending wiggler.

Sunshine was referred to The Scoutmaster and his exceptional tooth removing skills.

The Scoutmaster gave the necessary warning of some mild pain and bleeding.

Sunshine bravely pleaded to get the tooth OUT.

A few moments and some huge eyes later,
this tiny tooth was liberated!

I think it is the smallest tooth I have ever seen.

It will be fun to see what grows in to fill the space.

Sunshine surely is growing up.


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