Friday, March 6, 2009

Video on Demand

So, I realized a couple of days ago that it was my one year Blogiversary! And I wondered what I should do about it...

I finally came up with this idea.

For my one year Blogiversary gift, I would love to receive a comment from YOU! And, as a fun twist, I'm inviting your video requests. Let me know if there is a question you would like me to answer, or a child you would like to see perform... or if you would prefer I link to something more interesting, like Cletus Take the Reel, or the Barbecue Song.

Blogging this past year has really been a fun thing. I hope to become more consistent again, now that the crazy move has been made and Winter is almost over and the kids are not in the hospital and the roof is not leaking and, and, well, you know... Surely, we're in for a quiet spell!

Thank you to all of you who have joined me on my blogging journey. I would love to know how you found my little corner of the web, if you'd like to share!


More Video Fun!

Video Fun!

I just discovered that I can make videos with the camera we installed for Skype.

Look out, World!! We're having fun now!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Snow Much Fun!

A few days ago, we had the strangest little snow-squall blow through. The weather changed suddenly from sunny and calm to dark and snowing very hard. The texture of the snow was like clumps of styrofoam. In a matter of just an hour or so, there was a blanket of white covering the grass.

Of course, the kids had to scamper outside to "play" in the little skiff of snow. I assured them it wasn't enough to play in.

Boy, was I wrong!

They quickly discovered that the snow had the best texture for rolling giant snow balls. I think the intention was to make a snow man, but the individual balls got so large and heavy that they couldn't stack them.

It was really fun to see the giant lumps of snow sitting there after all the rest had melted. The snow on the ground was gone in a few hours, but the snow balls lasted for days!

Daniel's good buddy came over to play, too.

Mary rolled a gigantic snow ball that became too heavy for her to push.

Daniel and Co. were very proud of their accomplishments.

Andrew came along to help Anna when hers became too heavy to roll any further.

It was a fabulous last bit of winter.

Now we're enduring spring rain and wind and enjoying the sunny days as they come along. It feels so great to get outside more!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Finished Object

I was going to title this post: F.O., which is knit blog lingo for Finished Object, but it occurred to me that someone who doesn't read knit blogs might come along and misunderstand...

Anyway, I recently completed a knitting project for the first time in ages. I've had knitting issues and had not done anything in so very long. It was thrilling to knock out this shawl in just a couple of weeks. It's a fun pattern. Not very sophisticated, knit up with worsted weight yarn and big holes, so it goes really fast, which is exactly what I was looking for.

I used up some ancient (20 year old) acrylic yarn, which is not very elegant, but is cozy and very durable. I did "kill" the acrylic by steaming it, so it is more soft and drapes more, so the holes open up a little better.

The shawl has quickly become a favorite thing to wrap up in on a cold, winter evening. I'm surprised by how much I like it. I've always wanted to knit one, but couldn't get through a complex, lace weight pattern in this season of my life.

This ended up being just right.

Oh! And I used my GORGEOUS stitch markers, graciously given to my by my generous friend, Tami, way back in this post...

Thanks again!!