Friday, May 9, 2008

It's Baseball Season!

Take me out in my PARKA.

Take me out in the WIND.

(This picture cracks me up. The Second Baseman looks to me like he's praying.)
Bring me a blanket and stocking cap.

I need one that has built-in ear flaps.

Oh it's freeze, freeze, freeze for the Pirates.

If it's too cold we'll go home.

'Cause it's cold, windy, miserable
at the old ball game!

Actually, we had a great time at the baseball game last night.
D played very, very well. He even caught an infield fly, which is very unusual for his league. His whole team played really well. There were lots of hits and some good fielding. It was really fun to watch!

It was, however, COLD. The wind was blowing right off the bay and it was about 45 degrees. We all huddled together for warmth and laughed about "The Boys of Summer." Apparently, the first game, which we missed, was called on account of frozen players. My sweet friend told me that the boys were positively blue when the coaches decided they'd had enough.

Makes me feel better about missing the first game of the season.

The team had a super time. They chant for each other from the bench and congratulate each other with abandon when a good play is made. It's a thing of beauty.

The preschool herd had a nice grassy area to play in there, too. I think they had as much fun as the ball players. I ended up with a lovely bouquet tucked into the velcro of my coat sleeve.

All in all, it was a perfect Spring evening on the Southern Oregon Coast.

Bring on global warming!

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