Saturday, May 24, 2008

A New Dress

With The Scoutmaster off training Boy Scout leaders this weekend, I was able to let the urgent (laundry, dishes, feeding the children, etc.) fade into the background a little so that I could take time to work on a project with Girlfriend(7.)

She's been asking for some new Spring/Summer dresses, since she has outgrown all of hers from last year AND she's been itching to do some more sewing since I helped her sew her first tote bag a few weeks ago.

In anticipation of the weekend, we made a mad dash trip to Walmart on Thursday. Before we went, I picked out the simplest pattern I could find online and hoped they'd have it at the store. Thankfully, it was right there waiting for us! Girlfriend deliberated for some time over all the fabric choices. In the end, she settled on this amazing green print seersucker. She loves it!

I was so pleasantly surprised to find how competent she is, once again. She is also delightfully teachable. She was patient and hung on my every word of instruction. It was actually really fun to work with her! I can imagine that in a few years we can sew side-by-side and really be a great team.

For me, it's a dream come true.

I'm so grateful that she's so enthusiastic and determined. It would be easy for me to blow right by her in my haste to keep up with life, but she is always there, persistently asking, asking, asking. God made her just right for me!

How about that cute dress!?

She wanted to finish it this morning,
so that she could wear it to a birthday party today.

I'm in love!

Beautiful. Inside and out.


  1. I can imagine Girlfriend all spread out with her roommate in their college dorm room, sewing until midnight and listening to the radio!!

  2. I love it! Better than anything in the store! She is adorable :-)