Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Great Music!

A couple of months ago, Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer posted an announcement that a brand new CD would be given to the first 100 bloggers to respond to Matt Maher's website. He is a new artist and Shannon assured us that his music is wonderful. So, I skeddadled over to the give away page, assuming MANY bloggers would beat me to the punch... but, hooray! I was among the first 100! I gave them my snail mail address and waited and wondered.

Several weeks ago, the CD came in the mail. It's my current favorite music. I really enjoy Matt's voice and his upbeat style. His clever lyrics make me smile and stick in my head, which is a great combination! I even took it to the gym the other day and it's as good for working out as it is for doing housework.

In short, his music makes my family feel like this:

(Note: Super cute Sprout video)

And, more importantly, it reminds me that in fact,


Check it out!


Hey, I just clicked around on his home page, looking for lyrics to copy over here and I noticed that you can listen to the entire album for free through his site! Very cool. I would recommend a particular song, but I like them all so much, I can't pick a favorite.


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  1. I know you were posting about music, but all I could read was "I even took it to the gym the other day." Do you accept "post requests"? If so, I DEFINITELY want to know how you're managing this and any other gooey details that might inspire us!!!