Monday, May 19, 2008

Life's been flying by at breakneck speed lately. And I've been feeling like I can't keep up! This weekend was a wonderful break for me. Not that I lay around and did nothing all weekend. On the contrary, I was super productive! It's just that I had time to settle in and do some of the important things, with fewer urgent things hounding me from dawn 'til dusk.

I think that's the challenge for me right now. There is truly so much in my life that is urgent, so many things that I cannot put off until later. So, now that I'm somewhat caught up, I'm trying to focus more on being in the moment, not frittering away my time, using my energy for important things.

Girlfriend took this picture of me with her new camera.

This is where I sit A LOT. From here, I blog, and plan, and check math lessons, and surf, and feed the baby. My desk is centrally located in the dining room, which opens into the kitchen, and right by the front door. The hallway between the bedrooms and the living room and the family room runs right by my left shoulder. Headquarters. It's a great spot!

PS. It's another sunny day here! I am so ready for summer. Thank you, Lord!

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  1. Goethe --> "Things that matter the most should never be at the mercy of those that matter least." Seems so obvious, but sometimes I have a pretty difficult time figuring out which is which. . . Pleased to hear you're finding some success with it!!
    Also, if she's taking pictures for you now, imagine what Girlfriend will be doing a couple/few years from now ~ Maybe even posting for you on those "breakneck" days!!