Sunday, May 4, 2008

24 Hour Parenting

8:10 pm Good Friends leave after a nice hour of visiting

8:15 pm Ducklings are making themselves ready for bed

8:25 pm Girlfriend(7) remembers to feed her new fish

8:30 pm There is weeping and gnashing of teeth, as it is discovered that Pumpkin, the fish, is dead

(By now, we are 30 minutes past our expiration date)

8:35 pm GF and I are in the front yard laying Pumpkin to rest

8:55 pm The Ducklings are all finally settled down and in bed. I dare to breathe a sigh of relief and to sit down to unwind

9:00 pm Sunshine(5) comes out to inform me that she has wet the bed. Ack! I nearly loose it.

9:15 pm Everyone is finally settled down again.

9:30 pm D(8) Comes out to kiss me goodnight for the 4th time.

10:00 pm The Boy Scout(11) has a "gut reaction" to the pizza he ate earlier at the end-of-track party.

10:15 pm The Scout is still suffering, still asking me to fix it. I can't.

11:00 pm I'm off to bed. Everyone is quiet. I crawl in between the sleeping Sprout(13 mo's) and the grieving Girlfriend.

11:15 pm The Sprout awakens. He is fussy. He's had a cold for a couple of weeks. He resettles and we go back to sleep.

11:30 pm The Sprout stirs again. This time, I can feel that his skin is hot and hear his fast breathing. Fever. Ibuprophen. Snuggling.

12:00 pm Back in bed. Back to sleep.

12:15 pm The Bambino(3) attempts to climb into the bed. He is cold because he chose to sleep without jammies. I return him to his bed and get him another blanket.

12:30 pm Back to sleep.

Sometime in the night the Bambino crawls back in. I can no longer resist. He slips in between Girlfriend and me.

1:00 am I'm awake, listening to the baby breathe fast, petting his buttery, hot skin. Giving thanks for my children and all that is so good in my life.

6:45 am The Sprout stirs and I roll over to snuggle him. He's laying in a puddle. I'm laying in a puddle. Time to get up. The Girlfriend hears us and rises, too. Now Sunshine is up and we begin our day.

It's been a full night, which followed a full day.

This morning, we will stay home from church and eat French Toast and tidy up in anticipation of The Scoutmaster's return.

The sun is shining.

Yesterday, I cleaned out my storage room and the Ducklings and I reclaimed the Family Room.

All is right with the world. God is gracious to provide enough grace to meet the need.

Today promises to be beautiful.

(This is a picture Girlfriend (7) took of her new fish, with the new camera she got for her birthday.)


  1. Boyscout ate A LOT of pizza at the track party . . . i'm talking, i was in awe and impressed.

  2. You know what's really funny about that?

    He came home and wanted a snack before bed. I reminded him that he had just eaten pizza and he said, "I only ate a little bit, we were mostly talking."

    Feeding him is quite an adventure!

  3. "Ack! I nearly loose it" is regulary my internal self-talk reaction with “Giving thanks for my children and all that is so good in my life” usually winning out as my purposed external response. We don't have many of those kinds of nights around here anymore, and know that someday - as your profile says - you'll sleep and sleep and sleep!! Then when you wake up at 1:00am it'll be for giving thanks about all those grandchildren in your good good life!!