Monday, October 20, 2008


A quick devotional this morning reminded me of this beautiful illustration.

At the surface of the ocean, there are waves, and wind, and glaring sun, and the noisy voices of gulls and the pull of the tide. But as you go deeper, down far below the surface, the noise and the turbulence and the heat fade away. Down deep, there is peace, and calm, and quiet.

My heart's desire is to live below the surface. To delve deep into Christ and abide in Him in such a way that I am sheltered from the noise and the heat and the turbulence of circumstances, fully engulfed in His peace.

"...the peace which passes understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus."



  1. I know what you mean about deep. Sometimes when I pray before I start reading His Word, I have to sit awhile and make sure He is Deep inside my heart helping understand what I read.

  2. You know how it takes strength, endurance and determination to swim far and deep? Sometimes I have to EXERCISE before I can sit quietly in His presence, because my literal "flesh" is so distracted! Then, when my body is back under control, I can be physically still enough to begin the process of quiet. Remaining in the deep requires swimming back down whenever the body is pulled away.

  3. I think we're on the same thoughts here. I just posted today on my site about PEACE!!! Thanks for the illustration!!

  4. It's been so good to hear you sing His praises! I appreciate Susanna's remark about the strength, endurance and determination it takes to swim deep.