Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Little Sad

I just went to post a listing on freecycle for our cats. I had thought that I was totally fine with giving them up in the move. In fact, don't tell the kids, but I was kind of happy to be free of the cat-care burden,
small as it is.

However, just now, when I was writing about our sweet kitties, who need a new home...
I felt a little sad.

Ack! I love my cats!

Darn it.

We can't take them to Washington, as we'll be living in a really nice house, provided by the Ranch and wouldn't want to have pets inside. AND, they can't live outside, as cats are frequently eaten by coyotes at the Ranch. So, clearly, they need a new, safe, loving home.

I just didn't expect to miss them.


Anyone need a couple of beautiful kitties??


  1. I miss my kitties,too. When we moved to our new house, we had to say good-bye, knowing they'd be happier in the country with the home they "came" with. Sigh. Maybe you guys should get chinchillas. They're sooo cute! Or a dog?


  2. Yeah, I think the dog thing is inevitable... Living in the country and all.

    Currently, I've been told, there are 11 dogs living at the Ranch. I'm hoping we can just "borrow" on occasionally... at least for now! =)