Wednesday, October 15, 2008


God calling our family to move to Southeast Washington, completely unexpectedly, has been such an amazing experience. I want to chronicle some of it here, but my brain is so very overloaded right now with keeping my daily life running and preparing to move. The balance between the important and the urgent has never been more challenging.

Here's a quick tid-bit on a busy Awana-Wednesday.

When the "executive search organization" first contacted Roger and sent a profile of the ministry and the job description, included in the many pages was this statement of the vision of Jubilee Youth Ranch. It touched my heart. Enjoy.

The biblical vision of Jubilee focuses on the outsider - the weak, the defenseless, the marginalized and the outcast. It was a social ideal designed to prevent the creation of a permanent class of poor people. The ones on the outside were given the opportunity and tools for a comeback.

A society ultimately is judged by its attention to its weakest members, those with their unused potential on the outside of the common life. The goal of Jubilee is to bring the excluded inside, building a holistic supporting community in which the poor person can grow and gradually move from dependency to relative stability as contributing members of the families and communities in which they live.

The Jubilee vision desires to nurture the spirit of the residents of Jubilee Youth Ranch. Jubilee is an investment restoring wholeness to young boys with broken lives, broken relationships with God, self, and others. The program addresses broad areas that affect the quality of life. Our programs focus on housing, social, personal, spiritual and vocational development, with the goal of living a life of meaning and purpose as followers of Jesus Christ.


  1. Though I don't know The Scoutmaster very well, I expect that this has always been his goal & approach --> "to bring the excluded inside, building a holistic supporting community".
    How wonderful that he'll now be working with an organization that gives him full ability to do so!!

  2. I am visiting your blog today via Tami's...and noticed we have a few things in common...we just made a move from Oregon to Washington. We moved from Central Central WA.

    Praying for you and your next journey with the Lord!

  3. Well said and well received!!!