Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lord of the Details

God is SO GOOD.

Throughout this crazy process of turning our lives upside down, He has been so very kind and so very faithful and so very gentle. Each insurmountable obstacle is simply cleared away, making way for us to follow Him.

Today, it was the cats. My sweet friend, whom I've known since high school, texted me today to say that the kitties are welcome at her house.

I know, it seems like a small thing. But it's not.

All the shelters are full. All the animal rescues are full. No one wants to "freecycle" them.

"What," we wondered, "will we do with these precious pets?"

And, making the stakes so much higher, we have certain children who are attached to certain cats. Letting the kitties go into some uncertain circumstance was a painful thought for them.

Now, we can know that the cats reside with friends. And we can come and visit them when we are in town.

When I told the kids tonight, they all heaved sighs of relief and a burden was lifted from all of our shoulders.

God is SO GOOD. He is so very kind.

If He is for us, who can be against us?

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  1. I am so glad that people stepped up and answered Gods call to take the cats. Congrats on your move, too. The church and community is going to miss you. I asked Lissa about your move and she says, "What will Awana's do?" Guess God has that figured out too. Bruce and I are back in Arizona enjoying the warm weather. I think you might be getting snow over where you are moving to. That will be fun. Please let me know if you change your blog address.