Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Good News for You!

Since the birth of my sweet Sunshine, I have been a member of an on line group called MOMYS. The name is an acronym for Mothers of Many Young Siblings. All the ladies in the group have, or have had at some point, four children under the age of nine at the same time.

It's a wonderful group of Christian ladies who encourage one another on so many levels. The practical wisdom of these few thousand ladies is immense.

A couple of years ago, some of the ladies decided to organize a cook book of MOMYS recipes. Over 1600 recipes were collected from the MOMYS and compiled into a huge, amazing cook book. There is an amazing array of foods represented and all the recipes are family favorites.

The first printing was 1500 copies and sold out very quickly. Due to all the requests for more copies, the ladies who first compiled it are having it reprinted. You can pre-order here from Marmee Dear. The expected price for this HUGE book is around $35.

The best ever home made brownie recipe is in this book - well worth the price all by itself!

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  1. Could you tell me a little bit more about the page formatting of this cookbook? I have no doubt this baby is PACKED with delicious feasts, but I've found that layout is usually a "make or break" point between myself and cookbooks. I looked all over the web for a "sample page" but couldn't find one.