Friday, July 25, 2008

More Summer Fun

It's quiet here for a brief window of time, so I thought I'd get the rest of our summer fun photos up here.

Fourth of July Weekend, we attended a parade in a small town down the coast, picnicked with friends in Gold Beach, saw fireworks here in town, BBQ'd with Generous Grandmother at her house, and saw fireworks in a nearby town. The kids' favorite part was lighting a few fireworks of our own in Grandmother's driveway:

Smoke bombs are exciting and interactive!

The Scoutmaster let the Ducklings try their hand at lighting things on fire.

They are all wonderfully cautious. (Oregon has very restrictive fireworks laws. You'd have to really work at it to hurt yourself with anything that's legal here.)

The Sprout wasn't sure what to think about all the noise and smoke and fire. Grandmother reassured him that it was all so much fun!

In June, The Boyscout attended a Junior Sailing School at the local yacht club. At the end of the week, we all got to go out to the lake for a big regatta. The sailboats were beautiful!

How many 11 year olds do you know who can do this? I'm so proud of him!

They raced around a course marked out with buoys. It was challenging in the changing wind conditions and having to go in different directions, with, against, and across the wind. He did great!

The rest of the Ducklings had a fun day, watching the sailing and playing in the woods and on the beach. D(8) likes to make funny faces.

Girlfriend is looking more and more grown up. Ack!


The Scoutmaster helped out with the sailing school and was down on the dock to watch the race and cheer our boy on.

Sprouty Goodness:

Around home, we've been enjoying the occasional sunny day and playing together when we're not busy running around. D has charmed The Sprout into cuddling with him sometimes.

Girlfriend and D tried out this sidewalk paint (equal parts corn starch and water, with food coloring,) which I read about here. It was really fun! It's a little harder to wash off than chalk, but a fun change of pace.

The Scoutmaster and company tie dyed these cool shirts for the Troop to wear to Boy Scout Camp. (He looks a little tired after being at camp for a week... I wonder why??)

Sweet neighbors gave us another bag of fantastic hand-me-downs the other day. My one of a kind Sunshine put this outfit together. I think she looks very country. Line dance, anyone?

Oh, and she tried these on while The Scoutmaster was away at camp. I guess it made her feel close to him...

The strawberries we planted in our flowerbed this spring have taken off nicely. This is the very first handful of berries we picked. There have been many more since! Yummy!

Summer is, as usual, flying by. We've had such lame weather here this year that it makes it seem even more like I've blinked and missed summer. Thankfully, we typically have some of our best weather in August and September. I'm hoping there are still some sunny days to play outside in our near future.

For now, we have a couple more weeks of swimming lessons, Cub Scout camp, Church Family Camp, a trip to visit friends in California, and a few other fun events on the calendar to look forward to.

Enjoy every minute!


  1. Love those pictures. Each one is fun. It was amazing to see boyscout out in that big ole lake sailing all by himself. Looks like no fear there!

  2. The sailboat regatta was so cool! Great pictures & even better memories!

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