Thursday, July 17, 2008


The Scoutmaster and the Boy Scout have been off at Boy Scout camp this week. They're having a great time!

Meanwhile, back at the House of Coast, I took on the fun task of painting the kitchen. I just finished. I LOVE IT! It makes me disproportionately happy. Now I'm itching to paint the rest of the house, pronto! Thankfully, this should be the most challenging room, dealing with all of the cabinets and windows. Ack! The cutting-in!

You can see a picture of what it looked like before (blah!) here.

I'm not sure if the color is just right in the pictures, but it's close. It's a really nice, deep orange. I might take another picture tomorrow in the daylight.

In case you were wondering: Yes. The Scoutmaster approved the color before he left. In fact, I was on the verge of wimping out and he went to the store and bought the orange I really wanted. He's the best!

I chose the color using the awesome tools at the Sherwin-Williams website, by the way. It was really fun to try different colors on the wall and to get a feel for what they would look like.

Sorry, Tami, I don't mean to cause you project-envy. I'm sure the Engineer will let you paint something when he gets back!


  1. Wow!! It looks great . . . i'll have to come over and 'experience' it really soon!!

  2. Oh, I know that
    "disproportionately happy" feeling! Brenda, your kitchen looks fantastic!! SUPER sweet of the Scout Master to bring home the paint. My envy's in the bearable range, though I appreciate your sensitivity ... =)

  3. I know summer is a busy time for people but I have missed your postings. WOW! Your kitchen is beautiful. I love the saying "serve one another with love" too.

  4. Love how your clock is half on the orange and half on the white. It must have been a completely intentional artistic decision and I like imagining you happy that someone noticed ~ I did!

  5. Thank you! It was semi-intentional, actually. I had hung the clock in the middle of the wall long ago. When painting the kitchen, I was having an awful time deciding where to stop. There's no natural break along the wall. Kitchen flows into dining room flows into living room. So, I decided to stop right in the middle of the bar, which is where the clock was hung. I really like it! I was planning to cover the line with a wall paper border, but I'm not so sure now...

    Thanks for noticing the details!

  6. How Beautiful! It looks like a designer kitchen!

  7. Thanks, Michelle!

    I have been zooming through episodes of Design on a Dime and Color Splash and Get Color on the TiVo in anticipation of some painting...

    More to come!

  8. Love that pumpkin color! It really warms up the kitchen and goes well with the cabinets. I just had to post b/c my name is Brenda too!