Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Joy in the Journey

Right at this moment, this is going on in my quiet house:

(No, he's not really reading, just enjoying a book.)

It's a very peaceful afternoon, in spite of the cold, cloudy weather. Yesterday, we did some serious housekeeping and it leaves me feeling so much more on top of things today.


In the "random" category, I bring you this tid bit:
We went to the restaurant supply store the other day and wanted to pick up a better dispenser for soy sauce. The best option I found was a squeeze bottle, which came in a six pack. When we got home, Girlfriend(7) and I set about thinking of things to put in the bottles. When it was all said and done, I found this oddly satisfying:

Such an illusion of order! So easily created!
(For the curious: BBQ, lemon juice, soy sauce, mayo, ranch, Italian.)

A couple of weeks ago, we ventured out to the County Fair where a good time was had by all and I snapped a bunch of fun pictures. For the moment, this is all I have time to show you. Consider it the Gratuitous Sprout Photo for the day.

Isn't he scrumptious?! Yes, we're still hopelessly smitten.

And a random eyeball. Sunshine's(5) eyeball, to be exact. No particular reason... do I need a reason?

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  1. "Serious Housekeeping" really does provide quite the payoff. Glad you're resting in its reward!! We have a restaurant supply store too - and I just LOVE looking at all the goodie do-dads ~ those bottles go so WELL with your mayo & ranch & soy sauce!!