Monday, June 2, 2008

A Visit to the Farm

It was a lovely weekend! The weather could have been better on Saturday, but great fun was had by all the Coast Family anyway.

When we lived in the Willamette Valley seven years ago and The Scoutmaster was working at Boy Scout summer camp, I was always on the lookout for fun things to do with my itty-bitty Ducklings. One weekend, I happened upon an announcement in the newspaper. Winter Green Farm was having an open house. So, I loaded up my three little ones - Girlfriend was just a few weeks old - and headed out to visit The Farm.

As it turned out, it was a wonderful afternoon. We went on a hayride tour of the farm and saw cows and chickens and goats and helped make scarecrows. Back then, The Boy Scout(now 11, then 4) and D(now 8, then 1) looked something like this:

Those pictures totally crack me up!

The Farm is a community, cooperative sort of thinggy, technically. Which means, that people can buy a "share" of the crop each year. Ever since that visit, back in 2001, we've wanted to buy a share, but time, money, frequent moves, etc, have always rendered it inconvenient.

This year, we decided to take the plunge! That means, starting June 13, we'll be getting a box of produce from the farm every week through the summer. The box will have an assortment of whatever is ripe that week. The boxes will be delivered to our town so that we can pick them up on Friday afternoons.

As a person who loves the idea of having a farm, or at least a garden, this thrills me! I admit, I am easily thrilled.

Saturday was the annual Spring Potluck at The Farm. So, we loaded up all six of Ducklings and hauled them off to see The Farm.

(I'll have to post some time about the perils of taking this crew to a potluck.)

Again, we took a hayride tour of The Farm and saw where our veggies are growing. We got to run our hands through some lovely compost and visit the new calves. D and the Girls helped paint a mural for The Farm. All in all, it was lovely.



Running around like crazy people:

The hayride:
Nearly two hours later, we left our new very "green" friends (Did I mention it's all organic?) and headed on into the city. To balance all that recycling and the vegan potluck, we had dinner at Chuck E Cheese.

We're nothing if not complex.

Many of the Ducklings fell asleep on the way home. It was a wonderful end to a wonderful day.

(Aunt B: The Sprout is wearing the sweater I made for The Bambino from your famous pattern. I LOVE IT!)


  1. ahhhh, finally!! I've been waiting for this post all day :-) glad you had a great day . . . i must say, i've got a little bit of the 'jealousies' knowing you went to the 'big city'!! Love the sweater, by the way!!

  2. What a fun endeavor! The fresh produce sounds glorious, like ordering a weekly surprise! Of course, the little man sweater caught my attention LONG before you confirmed my "handmade" hopes at the end! You're a FANTASTIC and DIVERSE woman.