Friday, June 6, 2008


I'm scrolling through my blog list and I think,

"Oh, someone else blogged about chores today. I wonder if it was in response to what I wrote today about our chores."

Then I realize that I'm looking at the list of posts for my own blog.



  1. Hi Brenda! You don't know me, I'm a mutual friend of Tami's. We used to live near her and attend the same church. We moved away but stay in touch through blogging. I hope you don't mind me lurking on your site. I love reading your posts as I can relate. I am home schooling my two elementary/middle school age boys. I love your granola recipe'! My site is Blessings!

  2. Oh Brenda, I love it! Wait a few more years and things like that will be happening all over the place. You young women amaze me with your great homemaking skills.

  3. Welcome, Michelle! Of course, I'm delighted to have you visiting here with me. Let me know if I can encourage you in any specific way as you're reading here. Tami and Amy can tell you, I DO take requests! =)

  4. Saw the comment Michelle left here. You two have something else in common as well - at least I think so from the pictures I've seen on each of your blogs -- you both have those cool convertible picnic table bench thingys!