Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Gym (for Tami)

Only because you wanted to know:

I've been visiting here:
for a few weeks now.

As to how I manage to find the time, it really comes down to juggling the need for sleep with the need for exercise.

(Picture me juggling a king sized mattress, a chicken leg, and a barbell.)

I am really only able to exercise first thing in the morning.
I just can't abide the idea of getting ready for the day and then working out and then needing to shower and start all over again.

So, I get up in time to go to the gym and be back before The Scoutmaster has to leave for work.

Ideally, this means leaving the house about 6:30am. Lately, with The Sprout cutting teeth and running a fever, it means leaving the house around 7:30.

The problem with leaving later is that when I get back, everyone is up and ready to rumble. They are starving and busy and need to be directed, supervised, fed, etc. So, sometimes it takes me a while to break away for a shower.

Only (and always) on those days do people randomly knock on my door at 9:30am.

Perhaps, this is a good strategy for getting more folks to drop by for a visit...

I really like a couple of things about this particular "gym."
  • One is that it is open 24/7. I have a pass code that I punch in to the door and I can get in any time.
  • Another is that it is almost always deserted when I go there. I'm not sure how they are staying in business, frankly, but I LOVE it!
  • Also, they have a circuit of resistance machines, which gives a full body workout, with cardio benefits. It only takes a few minutes to do the circuit.
  • They also have an infrared sauna. This is a nice way to sweat while NOT working out. It makes me feel like I worked out when I was too tired to do much. This was especially nice before I discovered:
  • I AM HOOKED on the elliptical machine. About a year ago, I took up running (google: couch potato to 5K running plan.) I really liked it, but after a few weeks my hips started to hurt really badly. So, I had to give it up in order to be able to walk and sleep, which are unavoidably important in my life. The elliptical is like running without impact. I tried one about 15 years ago and hated it. So, I didn't want to try it again. Now, I'm loving it and hopeful that it will help me get my metabolism moving and rebuild some long-lost muscle.

So, there you have it.

Any questions?


  1. I'll be back for more comments and questions later, but I loved this --> Only (and always) on those days do people randomly knock on my door at 9:30am.
    SO TRUE!!!!

  2. As promised, I'm back. Your "what it really comes down to" is the same as mine - "juggling the need for sleep with the need for exercise." Though I love the gym idea and envy all who get to go, The Engineer has never been agreeable to it, so I do what I enjoy most - interval running. If I get up at 5:00am I can be out the door soon thereafter (finally figured I actually CAN SURVIVE without eating first thing!) but there's no time for showering before I have to wake the kiddos and then - as at your home - hundreds of other responsibilities wake up with them!! I just can't abide getting up any earlier -- but if I don't then that means work (at the office) will have to wait while I come back home after carpool and then get ready. As I'm typing this (and likely as you're reading this) we're both thinking "sounds doable." Why then do I struggle so??" Aaarrgghh. I blather on. THANKS for 'taking my request.' Didn't I just tell you in some other comment that I think you're amazing?! Hope so, cause that's what I'm thinking - AGAIN!

  3. Oh, I wish I could get into this routine! Good job, Brenda!

    I just try to squeeze in a walk or run when I can!