Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Summer has swung into high gear here at the House of Coast!

I just downloaded a bunch of great pictures from my camera and got them backed up, but it will take me a few days to get some edited for sharing. Lots of fun stuff!

We were away for the weekend and had a wonderful time relaxing as a family. None of us wanted to come home. But good things awaited here, too.

Today we had swimming and The Boy Scout started Jr. Sailing School out at the lake and we have a little girlie friend over for all day. The energy level is running very high - the kids' not mine! And we are enjoying the sunny, windy coast day.

In Central Oregon over the weekend, my sweet girlies found these wild irises and buttercups way out in the woods and brought me a few as a gift. I hated to throw them out when we left to come home, but knew they wouldn't survive the trip. So I took a picture.

Back soon with more!

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  1. How beautiful and sweet! Come on over to our house for a squirt gun fight! http://www.xanga.com/micnvic