Monday, March 24, 2008


We had a lovely Easter weekend!

Saturday, the weather was beautiful and we accomplished a bunch of outdoor jobs.
  • Assembled the giant, complicated basketball goal
  • Planted 25 strawberry plants
  • Transplanted 2 blueberry bushes
  • Blew dirt and ash (courtesy of the Fire) off of the driveway
  • Cleared some debris from the RV parking area
  • Moved sand from sand bags into the front yard ditch
  • Changed several light bulbs to florescent
  • Fixed the gate latch
  • Fertilized the front lawn
  • Blew the back porch clean
  • Visited with various neighbors
  • Had three boys over to play basketball in the driveway
It was a very productive day! The Ducklings were very cooperative and sweet. We enjoyed the taste of Spring and Summer days to come.

Sunday, we enjoyed a great church service and then headed out to my mom's for Easter dinner and way too much chocolate. It was really a nice afternoon. The weather was terrible, but everyone played very happily indoors for the most part and The Scoutmaster got to watch Arkansas play basketball on TV.

Today, there will be Serious Repercussions involving huge piles of both clean and dirty laundry and bits of shiny foil and plastic toys strewn about everywhere. Ack!

I'm so thankful that He is Risen, so that we can walk in new Life!

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