Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Girlfriend(6) and The Boy Scout(11) have been taking private swimming lessons from a wonderful lady whom we have gotten to know through church. She's doing a great job of improving their stroke and building their confidence. They're also getting exercise several times a week. Yay!

As a bonus, swimming outdoors on the
Southern Oregon Coast in February and March has been a character building experience. They tell me the water is warm, but getting out is a real bummer!

Thank you, brave
Swimming Teacher!

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  1. I'm finally back to leave that original comment that lead to my new blogging adventure.

    Swimming outdoors on your S OR Coast is even more "character building" than doing it where we are. I shiver just thinking about it! Ah - and this must be where The Boy Scout gained what he needed to endure TRACK & FIELD in the near freezing rain!!