Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Photo Challenged

We had a FANTASTIC weekend with our dear friends in Northern California.

The weather was FANTASTICALLY hot(113*), which we were pleasantly surprised to find was quite tolerable.

There was the usual FANTASTIC array of things to do at Ide Adobe Day, which is the anchor for our annual pilgrimage.

All in all, it was a wonderful chance to pick up where we left off with our friends. Everyone behaved well and tolerated the heat and the long hours in the van and the close proximity to one another beautifully.

Most of all, I had a great time with my amazing, beautiful, strong, caring, joyous friend.

As a bonus, the baby took to her instantly. We wondered if he remembered her from a year ago. He spent the whole weekend following her around and sitting on her lap and laughing at her antics.

The bad news is that I got LOADS of great pictures... well, that's the good part... the bad part is that when I attempted (note the term: attempted) to plug my camera into my computer to download all the FANTASTIC pictures, my camera cable wouldn't plug in to my camera. It seems to be, technically speaking, "goobered."

So, until I can get another cable, I won't be able to share photographic evidence of the adorableness of my offspring and our friends and the wonder that is Ide Adobe Day.

In the mean time, my to-do list is a mile long and not shrinking like I want it to. I'd better get back to it!

Pictures to come soon...


  1. Your "captions" are quite exciting ~ can't wait to see the photos that go with them! In and of themselves, I think road trips with the Munchkins are tons of fun, and you topped it all off with a sweet family to visit.

    Thanks for leaving a "rejoice with those who rejoice" comment on my post today.

  2. I don't think you were describing me.. I think you were describing YOU! We deeply appreciate you and your family. Thanks for gracing us with fun and smiles and encouragements.