Monday, September 1, 2008

The Aquarium


I got a snazzy new camera cable set-up.

I realize I've been a slothful blogger this summer, but I'm hoping to do some catching up and then to blog more regularly.

This weekend we decided to run up to the Oregon Coast Aquarium. We have a season pass, since it only costs a few dollars more than getting into the aquarium once for our family. So, we try to go at least twice a year.

It was great fun! The weather was perfect and they've added a few new things since we were there last.

One new feature was a small children's play area. It consisted of several animal statues for the kids to climb on. What a hit! They loved it!

Here's Anna(7) under a turtle.

And Andrew (newly 4) on top of the same turtle.

And, of course, Daniel(8) jumping off of the turtle.

The seals and sea lions were entertaining as always.

Noah(11) enjoyed the sea otters. (I almost got that perfect boy and otter shot...)

Mary(5) is an animal lover and had a great time all around.
Andrew and Mary enjoyed seeing the otters swim under water.

And there were these strange creatures in the "Odd Waters" exhibit...

I managed to get away from the aquarium with no pictures of Micah(17 mos) since he spent the afternoon in Roger's backpack. But he did shoot me a cheesy grin this afternoon while he was drawing. What a ham!
Pictures of California, Family Camp, the County Fair, and a trip to the beach coming soon... I hope...

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