Sunday, May 24, 2009

We're Heeeeere

It's been a wild couple of weeks full of company and packing and cleaning and moving and unpacking.

It's still very strange to be here, but good to be back in familiar surroundings. The house is going to be great for our family.

And we seriously have LOTS of room for company, so come and visit us soon!

We've already had our first marshmallow roast on the deck and we fed grilled hot dogs to the amazing group of people who helped us unload our moving trucks. I'm really looking forward to having people over often. It is a great house for entertaining.

I can't remember if I blogged it before and I'm too tired to look right now - we've rented and moved into the house where I grew up, lo, those gazillion years ago. This life of ours is never boring!


  1. How beautiful that big blue ocean header is!! Wish I could've labored all afternoon alongside you and eaten one of those hotdogs. Welcome Home!!

  2. so glad to see that header up there again!! welcome home:-)

  3. Moving trucks, plural-- bless you! I'm so glad to hear you're there and settling in. Will be in touch!!!!