Monday, May 11, 2009

Muddy-Frogwater Weekend!

Saturday was a wild and fun day! We set out in the morning for the Walla Walla Balloon Stampede. Everyone was excited and looking forward to seeing a sky full of hot air balloons on a gorgeous, sunny Saturday. Sadly, when we arrived at 10:00, we learned that the balloons are launched at 6:30 AM... Ack! There was not a balloon to be seen anywhere.

Plan B was to explore the festival activities at the fairgrounds. This involved watching half an hour of country line dancing and a few minutes of belly dancing, SE Washington style... Hmmm.

After indulging in a tiny bit of "fair food," Roger was inspired!

We piled back into the van and headed south. My clever husband remembered that he had noticed LOTS of frogs when he had traveled to the little town of Milton-Freewater, Oregon, to watch a basketball game. He declared that we were on a Photo-Frog-Scavenger hunt! As it turns out, there are about 40 frogs scattered around town and we set out to find them...

A wonderful time was had by all.

Here is our crew of expert frog-spotters:

Here is a slide show of the 36 frogs we found, along with the adorable spotters.

If you're ever in far NE Oregon, I highly recommend a trip to Milton-Freewater. It's a beautiful town full of gorgeous old houses, nice parks, friendly people, and LOTS of frogs!


  1. How fun to have some more "uniquely local fun" before returning to Oregon!

  2. Ha, that was clever thinking! I love it! Susanna