Monday, November 3, 2008

Too Funny to Keep to Myself

Another blogger suggested this.

Type "Brenda needs" into Google and see what comes up. I didn't expect much and found myself cracking up in front of my computer...

Give it a try with your name! Let's see what you need!

1. Brenda needs love and strength to pull herself out
-ain't that the truth!

2. Brenda needs her medication
-more on that later (see #11)

3. Brenda needs a partner
-who knows how to pack a family of eight for a a move to another state!

4. Brenda needs a $37000 DSLR
-wouldn't that be something! Think I'd take better pictures??

5. Brenda needs a chocolate chip cookie

6. Brenda needs a (ahem) supportive undergarment...
-got that covered, thank you very much.

7. Brenda needs to conduct herself as an adult woman
-um, yeah. I'll work on that... or not...

8. Brenda needs continuing medical care
-there are these bumps on my head...

9. Brenda needs lots of space
-to stack all of her moving boxes.

10. Brenda needs more from Sonny.
-who's Sonny? and what does he have to offer that I might want more of??

I was going to do ten, but I can't stop!

11. Brenda needs to stabilize those emotions with a little Zoloft or something
- need I say more?

12. Brenda needs help eating, dressing, bathing and going to the bathroom.
-actually, I have way too much help with all of the above!

13. Brenda needs moral support
-more, please!

14. Brenda needs to practise Decorum
-certainly not at Cubbies!

15. Brenda needs some prayers
-bring 'em on!

16. Brenda needs to know how the mystery ends
- so very, very true.

17. Brenda needs to get her things moved
-to SE Washington.

18. Brenda needs To Shape Up, Come Clean And Stop Feeling Sorry For Herself
- just as soon as I manage #17.

19. Brenda needs help
- ack!

20. Brenda needs a makeover!
-no comment.

So much truth from such a random source... [wink]

From Under the Pile,


  1. HYSTERICAL! Susanna needs a good price on her herd if she wants to prevent the bank from foreclosing on her ranch. Susanna needs an answer now.

    Susanna needs confirmation that she has heard right.


  2. You make me laugh out loud, Susanna! Yours are even better than mine!

    Love to you!

  3. That is hysterical! I'm so going to try it! :)

  4. Here is what I got:

    Cindy needs to stay on the bus.
    Cindy needs a fix like you wouldn't believe.
    Cindy needs to be accessorized, please.
    Cindy needs to retake a debate class.