Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Achy Breaky Heart

This is the kitchen table at the house where we lived in SE Washington. I took this picture so that I could show you how cool this table is. It's a bay window pop-out on the back of the house, right next to the kitchen. Really, it's more of a booth than a table, which was so much fun and such a great space saver. I fed the kiddos here at least twice a day, usually three times, as our entire family could actually fit around this table. The very formal dining room was rarely used.

I really, truly loved this table.

I know that because when I was looking for blog fodder today and I saw this picture, I was overwhelmed with emotion. My very cheerful mood was swept away by a wave of nausea and sadness.

Of course, it's not really the table that makes my heart ache. It's all that it represents: the agonizing death of a dream, the crushing disappointment of unfulfilled hopes, the wasting of such amazing potential.

Yeah, it's all still fresher than I'd like it to be. But, surely, in some way, the Lord is using it all for His glory and ultimately for my good. Even if it feels like my life is so upside down right now.

"And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose." ~Romans 8:28


  1. Your transparency is beautiful, and His healing will come.

    Now, how in the world can we GET one of those tables??

  2. Thanks, Tami. Blech. I hate that I hurt, so I hate to talk about it. You know?

    As for the table... the beloved Mr. Al at Jubilee Ranch built the table we enjoyed. The bench was actually not attached to the wall, which was great for being able to pull it out and clean. And the table was not attached to anything, either. Just some details to consider if you have one of your own built! =)

  3. oh, brenda, i'll be praying for you guys. In all our excitement of having you (and especially your big boys) back, it's easy to forget what you left behind!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  4. Oh - I also like your knew background!!