Thursday, February 19, 2009

Still Here...

I've been hesitant to post lately because I don't want to sound whiny. Let's just say it's never boring here...

Only because my oldest friend, Tami, asked:

"Somehow when I read this post through the first time, I missed "one case of shingles." That can be incredibly painful (I had it when Kricket was tiny) and I'm wondering which of you got it.

I know life is certainly still busy, but I'm hoping your list of "unusuals" is shorter this month!"

Micah, sweet baby, was the one with shingles. He tolerated it surprisingly well. Yuck.

Since then, all of the kids - in succession - came down with some crazy virus which presented like strep. In fact, we took all the kids in to the Dr. for our first ever strep tests. $180 in co-pays later, we left with two little boys with ear infections and a couple of kids with stomatitis (inflamed gums,) and six kids with various stages of sore throats and fevers. The stomatitis developed into a really nasty case of classic "trench mouth." Yowzers! Let me just say, it's not something you want to get.

Just as we are almost all recovered from that fun bout of crud, Mary developed some strange little infection under the end of her thumb nail. After treating it at home for a week, we took her in to the Dr. and he cultured it and gave her antibiotics. We just got a phone call. She has a staph infection. We'll be going back to see the Dr. in the morning...

The great news is that we LOVE our new Dr. He is super available and helpful and really cheerful and fun. And he seems to be very competent. Praise the Lord for providing Dr. MacFarlan just when we needed him!

Life here is still good. We visited a church we really liked last night. It looks like we may be moving in to town sooner rather than later. So, that's keeping things interesting.

There are signs that Spring is on the way. We're able to enjoy being outside more and more as the weather gets warmer. I can hardly wait for the apple blossoms and the warm weather and to get past this winter of new germs. =)

We feel so blessed to be here, learning, growing, stretching, seeing God work in wonderful ways day by day.


  1. I haven't been posting much lately on my site for the SAME reason - don't want to sound like a whiner! Our specifics are different, but the "never boring" is identical!!

    Do I understand that you might be moving out of that beautiful, huge provided on the grounds home and relocating closer to the city? Moving again?

  2. I, too, have been delinquent in my blog posting lately...though with far less reason. Still, I can echo the 'never boring' part.

    I am so sorry that your precious little ones have had so much to endure this year! Your poor momma's heart! I am glad that it looks like most of them are getting 'out of the woods' and hope it stays that way. I will be praying that Mary heals quickly, poor baby!

    I am also wondering about the moving to town. We miss you guys a lot! (Still don't know where we will be moving to) Love you all!

  3. I read that list a few times and missed the case of shingles!! WOW! it's been crazy for you. We only had one case of that mouth thing and it was no fun . . . can't imagine it on more than one!! praying for you and missing you all!!