Monday, January 5, 2009


It's been a couple of rough days for Mary, but I am delighted to report that she is doing much better!

She actually smiled for the first time in days and is starting to be interested in eating and drinking, too. She hadn't eaten anything for three days, so I'm expecting the food will begin to give her a bit more energy.

Thank you for praying. It's been pretty tough for my little sweetie.

This morning the surgeon told us that it had been an especially bad perforation and migh take a few extra days to stop hurting.

As for me, I'm so thankful that I grabbed a toothbrush on my way out the door on Saturday night... but I'm really looking forwaard to a shower!

Thank you, again for your prayers.


  1. When I broke my arm last year - and especially in the early stages - I was deeply touched by how the added 'strain' caused our family to work together in HEIGHTENED and IMPRESSIVE ways. I'm praying for you to find the same kinds of things when you and Mary return home!

  2. How sad to be without Mary's sweet smile for a couple of days! So glad to hear it's back! Praying for a quicker than expected recovery and peace and smooth sailing on the homefront. Sending my love!