Sunday, December 21, 2008


Middle of the night posting is rarely a good sign.

Have you ever been awakened by the sound of liquid being dumped on the carpet in your bedroom at 12:30 am?

I have.

Now I'm up, praying that everyone sleeps through the rest of the night.

Me: I'm so sorry you're sick, pal.
Him: I'm not sick. I just threw up a little.
Me: Oh good. Hey, next time, how 'bout you head straight for the bathroom if you need to throw up, rather than coming to my room to tell me first, 'k?
Him: Okay. Sorry about that.
Me: It's okay, just keep your bowl handy the rest of then night.

Ah. I guess I should be happy that it's been so long since he's thrown up that he forgot the procedure. Clearly, we were due.

The toddler just found me. I heard his delicious little footsteps on the tile before I saw his sleepy face.

Oh how I love all the parts of being a mom. Some parts are just a bit more lovely than others.

It's actually nice to be up this night. We're being hit with the second big, artic snow storm! It started snowing a couple of hours ago, just after we got back from town. The air is filled with the tiniest snow flakes imaginable and they sparkle! It's like it's snowing silver glitter. So beautiful!

We'll likely be snowed in for a few days, as this is supposed to be a much bigger dump than the five or so inches we had already.

Hopefully, I won't spend our snow days scrubbing carpet and washing pukey laundry.

Although, even pukey laundry is more pleasant with a clean blanket of snow covering the world.

Good night!


  1. Here's to silver sparkles that make the whole world a better place! Sorry about your Duckling. All the little sounds of the night have such a sacredness about them - little footsteps for sure, and dumping liquid, I suppose...

    The Yost family has been snowed in at home too - Seattle. They seem to be lovin' it for all it's worth! Know you'll be doing the same!!

  2. I LOVED the yarn harlot post. Thanks. We are headed for LaPine to serve some papers. It is 8 degrees at noon and snowing here, and we have about 10 inches. LaPine will be different...worse? Fun times!

    Hang in there with the kids!!

    Aunt B

  3. I also enjoyed the yarn harlot post. I hope your little ducklings are all healthy now and you are able to enjoy your winter wonderland in earnest! You can check out my brand new blog sometime, I plan to post every 1 or 2 days but we will see how that goes. Blessing to you and your precious family! Miss you!!

    P.S. I saw Elisabeth for the first time today (in person) she is just too precious! So awesome to finally have her here!